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Adrian Bernal by Vicente Monedero

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"I only listen to REAL music"

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Born this way was my fav era

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Aokigahara also known as the Sea of Trees is a 35 km forest that lies at the north west base of Mount Fuji in Japan

The forest, which has a historic association with demons in Japanese mythology, is a popular place for suicides. In 2002, 78 bodies were found, despite numerous signs, in Japanese and English, urging people to reconsider their actions.

Due to the wind-blocking density of the trees, and an absence of wildlife, the forest is known for being eerily quiet.

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Sharon Needles




Depression is the passive implosion of your ego. You let yourself erode slowly, because your destruction seems inescapable. You have no salvation.

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Cry-Baby (1990)

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"So now we don’t have a car OR a jet? Why don’t we just take an ad out in “I’m poor” magazine?"

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"On Sunday, July 14, the Satanic Temple, a New York-based organization that seeks to foster "benevolence and empathy among all people" through Satan, performed a ritual called a "pink mass" at the Mississippi gravesite of Catherine Idalette Johnston, mother of WBC founder Fred Phelps Jr."

"The Pink Mass was performed twice — once with two gay men, and once with two lesbians — in an affirmation of the Satanist Temple’s belief in "freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all people." The temple is now encouraging same-sex couples to visit the grave and perform their own pink masses."

source: huffingtonpost